What people are saying about TM

Don Arney: inventor/owner (SEI Industries)Salt Spring resident


 “TM is a simple mental technique that allows the mind to settle down in a very profound way. It is scientifically verified and not based on a belief system. It has made a huge contribution to my creativity because, the more settled and relaxed my mind is, the more I can see opportunities that I would otherwise overlook.”


Samantha Parker: entrepreneur, Salt Spring resident



 “Practicing Transcendental Meditation has increased my energy, decreased stress levels and improved my focus. I feel calmer and enjoy a more restful sleep. Even my spouse has noticed the difference with my practice of TM.”


Mike Garside: insurance brokerSalt Spring resident


TM has been a constant in my life for many years now. Each 20 minute meditation twice a day is something that I look forward to especially after a hectic day. While there are many benefits, I really appreciate the energy, clarity & calmness that it adds to my life.


Ellen DeGeneres: “TM is the only meditation where after 20 minutes I regret that it is over.”

Oprah Winfrey: “People are sleeping better, people have better relationships, people interact better. Its been fantastic.”

David Lynch: “True happiness lies within.”